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Modern Languages

With the world becoming increasingly smaller due to advanced technology and greater travel opportunities, there are more reasons than ever before to study a second language. In order to be effective change-agents, citizens, and stewards in the global village of the 21st century, the study of languages is extremely important.


B.A. in Spanish:

  • General track
  • Multi-age education track

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The MVNU Experience

In addition to outstanding academic preparation, our program also offers students the opportunity to spend a semester working in a Spanish-speaking country and/or working with a growing local Spanish-speaking population. Plus, you can put your skills to work in the mission field during your time at MVNU.

"Majoring in Spanish at MVNU was invaluable. My semester in Central America gave me a deep appreciation for other cultures and the confidence to engage with others from different backgrounds. I have used Spanish in every post-graduate job I have had."
Senior Counselor to the Director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, Homeland Security
MVNU Grads Work Here
  • Office of Homeland Security
  • Barnesville High School
  • St. Paul’s Lutheran Preschool
  • The Galion Inquirer
  • William Penn House
Grad Schools Our Alumni Have Attended
  • West Virginia University
Interesting Courses I Can Take
  • Spanish
  • Masterpieces of Peninsular Literature
  • History and Culture of Latin America