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MVNU is a Christian liberal arts college that is an intentionally residential campus. We believe that campus life contributes to the educational mission of the University. Only those that meet the following criteria* may petition to live off campus:

  1. MVNU students who are at least 23 years of age or older by August 31 prior to the academic year
  2. MVNU students who will be living with parent(s) in their parent's primary residence (maximum 60 miles from campus).
  3. *Students who are married, have children, or are 26 years of age or older are required to live off campus.

Please read and be aware of the following:

  1. Students who live off campus and do not meet the criteria for living off campus, or have not been approved by the Division of Student Life, will only be allowed to register for 6 credit hours or less per semester. Changing to part-time status can have a significant impact on the amount of financial aid offered a student (including loans).
  2. Students are required to inform Student Life if they are not planning to return to campus housing. Students will lose their housing deposit if Student Life is not informed of a student's decision not to live on campus by the May 30 for the Fall Semester, and by November 30 for January Term or Spring Semester.
  3. Off-campus residents do not receive certain benefits/services offered to on-campus residents (e.g., Residence Life programming, laundry facilities, appliances, and ability to reserve residential facilities).
  4. Off-campus students will abide by all lifestyle expectations (rules and regulations) of Mount Vernon Nazarene University as stated in the Student Handbook. Understand that the Student Life staff has the right to contact the person from whom the student is renting off-campus housing and to explain the rules and regulations of MVNU. If the student violates any policies of the University, the University has the right to require the student to return to campus housing, limit his/her enrollment, and/or dismiss the student from MVNU.
  5. Full-time students under 23 who are granted off-campus status to live at home with their parent(s) or guardian(s), will not be permitted to petition out of Spiritual Life Credit Requirements, regardless of their class and/or work schedule;
  6. All students approved to live off campus are required to inform the Student Life office immediately if and when a change in living situation occurs (including but not limited to: change of address, telephone number, change of marital etc.)
  7. Varsity athletes should obtain Athletic Department approval prior to appealing to live off campus no matter the circumstance.

Statement of Affirmation and Consent

By signing below, the undersigned certifies that he/she has read, fully understands and agrees with this document and the policies of Mount Vernon Nazarene University. The undersigned also certifies that he/she will notify the Student Life Office immediately when any information related to this petition is no longer accurate.


If you are under 23 and living with a parent, please have a parent sign the following:

I, , certify that my son or daughter (named above), is permanently residing at my primary residence (address listed above). I acknowledge that my son or daughter will be expected to follow the policies of Mount Vernon Nazarene University, and that any falsification of information or violation of MVNU Lifestyle Guidelines could result in reprimand by the university which could include a change from off campus to on campus residential status.