I would prefer to room with:

(Requests must be mutual)

Beginning in:
Ending in:

Please also send AC medical requests to the MVNU Nurse at

Rate yourself in each of the following areas:

Very Cool
Very Warm
Very Quiet
Friends over often
I prefer to go to bed by
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First Reason:
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Surety of License Performance

The undersigned, herein called the Student, in consideration of the assignment to him/her of housing facilities by the University, hereby agrees to occupy a room for the period indicated above at the rate prescribed by the Board of Trustees of the University for room and board for the term of this license. I have read and understand this license and agree to abide by all of its conditions as well as all other Mount Vernon Nazarene University regulations including, but not limited to, the Student Life Handbook, the University Catalog, and the Commitment to Community of MVNU that are now in effect and any that may be adopted and published by the University during the period of this residency ( These publications are incorporated into and made a part of this license and are in effect for the entire duration of the student's residency.

This license is in effect for the duration of time the student resides in campus housing.
The above terms and conditions of occupancy and minimum standards are
subject to change without prior written notice to students.