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Dual Enrollment

PSEO Option B

The Post-Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) program allows high school students to do college-level coursework that simultaneously counts toward a high school diploma AND a college degree.

PSEO Option B allows the public, community or nonpublic high school student to receive both high school and college credit. The student is not required to pay for tuition, books, materials, or fees that are directly related to a course, but may be subject to general fees.

For program questions contact Justin Nowicki at justin.nowicki@mvnu.edu.

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"Even though I was still in high school, I was not treated differently by students or professors at MVNU. I made great friends and got involved in community outreach groups, clubs, and campus events. I had such a wonderful experience that I decided to continue my education at MVNU. Now, I am able to graduate in three years with a great degree."
McKenzie M Cellar
Dual Enrollment Student