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New Student Orientation

So — What's Next?

We're beyond thrilled that you're joining our community! You've done a lot of work to get to this point, but there are still a few ducks to get in a row before you move in. This handy list of post-orientation steps can also be found at gotomvnu.com/whatsnext.

  1. Check your MVNU email (NOW!)

    Starting immediately, people on our campus (professors, advisors, classmates, administration, etc.) will be contacting you with important information through your MVNU account, so start checking it regularly. (Instructions can be found on the "Access Student Email" tab at mvnu.edu/howto.)

  2. Join your Facebook group (NOW!)

    No matter what year you'll graduate from MVNU, there's a Facebook community for you to connect with and talk textbooks, class schedules, campus events, clubs, and more — just search for "MVNU Class of 2021" (or the year you'll graduate from MVNU).

  3. Send your transcripts (Immediately)

    Your class schedule won't be finalized until we receive your official transcripts from high school and college, so call your high school and/or college Monday and request they be sent to us. Remember, even though College Credit Plus or Post-Secondary Enrollment Options classes may appear on your high school transcript, official transcripts must come directly from the college to MVNU in order for you to receive credit.

  4. Register your car/bike (August 1)

    In August, you'll need to register your vehicle (motorcycles included) at mvnu.edu/autoreg. Your MVNU Portal username and password will be required. The decal for your vehicle will be available when you arrive in the fall. Bicycles must be registered in the Campus Safety office as well. Modes of transportation that don’t need to be registered: skateboards, scooters, rollerblades, teleportation devices, hot air balloons, feet.

  5. Confirm your payments (August 9)

    You have until August 17 to avoid a $50 late fee by completing your payment arrangements to cover your balance. Go to mvnu.edu/finaidguide for instructions.

  6. Begin Packing (August)

    Review the list of things to bring and things NOT to bring at gotomvnu.com/pack Think: TVs, toiletries, tapestries, yes; fire hazards and things that go BOOM, not so much.

  7. Move-in (September 1) and New Student Institute (September 2-4)

    New residential students move in on the 1st. ALL new students (including freshmen, transfer, and full-time CCP) are required to attend NSI.

  8. Update your calendar

    Pull out your phone and plug this into your calendar real quick so you don't forget! Plus, the academic calendar is available at mvnu.edu/academiccalendar by using your MVNU login credentials.

    • September 5 — First Day of Classes
    • September 24 — SonFest Free for students!
    • September 26 — First day freshmen may leave campus overnight
    • October 15 — Parents' Day (Oaktoberfest)
    • October 22-23 — Mid-term Break
    • January 28 — Little Sibs Weekend