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Summer Learning

Summer Online Learning

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be admitted to MVNU before I take Summer Learn courses?

You can register for Summer Learn courses as a guest student. By completing the registration form, you will be assigned an MVNU ID.

Can I transfer my Summer Learn courses?

Yes. MVNU makes the process real simple to request a transcript once your grades are posted for the Summer Learn courses.

How do I register for courses?

Registration is a simple process. Select the "register now" button on the main page. You can pay immediately with a credit card or pay later via one of the other methods listed. However, your spot in a course is not reserved until you are paid. Sections do fill up, so you are advised to pay early. You MUST pay for your course(s) no later than a week before class starts or you will not be registered.

  • A-term registration closes on Monday, April 17 at 12:01 a.m.; payment is due no later than April 24.
  • B-term registration closes on Monday, May 29 at 12:01 a.m.; payment is due no later than June 5.
  • C-term registration closes on Monday, June 26 at 12:01 am; payment is due no later than July 5.

I am an MVNU Freshman. Can I register for Summer Learn courses during orientation?

Yes. There will be a special registration table at the June orientations. Freshmen, not already enrolled in Summer Learn courses can register for Term C courses during orientation.

How can I pay for Summer Learn Courses?

Summer Learn accepts online payments through the secure registration link on the main page. All major credit cards and debit cards accepted (a 3% processing fee applies). You may also pay via mail or in person at Student Accounts, but you will not be registered for class until payment is received. The last possible date to pay is one week prior to the start of class.

Can I live on campus during Summer Learning?

Yes. If you are a currently enrolled MVNU student, you can live on campus. Formulas for calculating Summer Weekly and Daily housing rates, which are also used for Holiday/Break housing charges…

Weekly Rate: Multiply the following Annual Room rate × 1.5%, and round up to the next even dollar

Example for 2014: Take the 2014-15 Annual Room rate of $4,056 × 1.5% = $60.84, rounds up to $61/week

Daily Rate: Divide the Weekly rate by 4, round up to the next even dollar Example for 2014: Take the 2014 Summer Weekly rate of $61 / 4 = $15.25, rounds up to $16/day.

Complete the Summer Housing Application for Summer Housing

Can I drop a Summer Learn course after I have registered?

Yes. You may drop a course before it starts or within the first three days of the start date and receive a full refund (minus any credit card processing fees) and no academic record for the course. While you may withdraw from a course after three business days, no refund will be available and you will receive a permanent grade of 'W.'

Are there any fees associated with Summer Learn?

Yes. Some courses require the purchase of a take home lab or other instructor resources. In addition, there is a nonrefundable 3% processing fee for all credit card transactions.

I am a current MVNU student. Can I use EDTAG to cover Summer Learn courses?

Yes. Summer Learn courses will be covered under the EDTAG program. Please contact summerlearn@mvnu.edu to apply EDTAG funds to Summer Learn (Do not register through the website).

Where can I find a list of my Summer Learn course textbooks?

You need to visit the MVNU online bookstore for your required textbooks. Follow the prompts even if you are a guest student for the Summer.

Do I need internet access everyday to complete my online course?

Summer Learn courses are designed with flexibility in mind. However, the majority of SL courses require that you contribute or provide active engagement online two-three times a week during the scheduled SL term.

Can I get special permission to start a course late due to travels?

Due to the accelerated nature of Summer Learn courses, all course work needs to be completed in the designated SL term.

When is the deadline to register for a course?

Registration closes at 12:01 a.m. on the Monday two weeks prior to the start of class. Please note that you can sign up now and opt to pay later (by mail or in person at Student Accounts), but that your spot in the class is not guaranteed until you are paid in full.

Choose from five different terms
  • A6-Term: 6 weeks, May 1 — June 11
  • A8-Term: 8 weeks, May 2 — June 25
  • B6-Term: 6 weeks, June 12 — July 30
    (No online courses week of July 4)
  • B8-Term: 8 weeks, June 12 — August 13
    (No online courses week of July 4)
  • C6-Term: 6 weeks, July 10 — August 20
kickstart your career at MVNU
  • HIS1013G The Western Tradition in World Context
  • COM1053G Introduction to Communication
  • ART1002G Art in the Western World

For more information: summerlearn@mvnu.edu